YBQ1L13 Craft Ideas

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From Scripture by Picture, choose James 1:17 from the drop-down list, click View Larger Image at the top of the page. This is an amazing resource for memory verse crafts!


Fill-in-the-blanks activity


YBQ1L11 Craft Ideas

Namaan craftNaaman's Cure

English / Portuguese (original)

Naaman Coloring Page | Teach Kids About Christ:

Naaman coloring page


Naaman coloring page

Naaman word search

Naaman crossword

Naaman’s slave girl activity

Naaman color by number



Glue Naaman (leprosy and healed) to a popsicle stick. Cut on the dotted line of the landscape picture. Bounce Naaman up and down in the “water,” then on the 7th time up, flip around to reveal a healed Naaman.

Naaman puppets to use with above idea

Naaman Cup Craft:

Naaman cup craft

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Naaman dipping in the Jordan