YBQ1L11 Craft Ideas

Namaan craftNaaman's Cure

English / Portuguese (original)

Naaman Coloring Page | Teach Kids About Christ:

Naaman coloring page


Naaman coloring page

Naaman word search

Naaman crossword

Naaman’s slave girl activity

Naaman color by number



Glue Naaman (leprosy and healed) to a popsicle stick. Cut on the dotted line of the landscape picture. Bounce Naaman up and down in the “water,” then on the 7th time up, flip around to reveal a healed Naaman.

Naaman puppets to use with above idea

Naaman Cup Craft:

Naaman cup craft

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Naaman dipping in the Jordan




YBQ1L8 Craft Ideas

Elijah Carmel dot-to-dot.png

English (original in Dutch)

From Denim and Spice

Elijah altar.png

My version with the memory verse on the stones.

Print on card stock, have children glue on pieces of blue tissue paper for water and orange/yellow/red for fire (Dollar Tree might have pre-cut tissue paper).

Elijah Color x Number.png

Elijah Color by Number

English (original in Dutch)

Elijah on Mount Carmel. Coloring page, script and Bible story. http://kidscorner.reframemedia.com/bible/stories/elijah-on-mount-carmel/:

Elijah coloring sheet


YBQ1L5 Craft Ideas – Solomon’s Temple


Solomon’s Temple 3D craft from My Little House

I also made a version that saves paper and requires less cutting (and is also quicker to assemble if you’re short on time). Glue temple picture onto construction paper and have the kids glue on the pre-cut priests, bronze laver & Solomon, foam tape optional.


Solomon’s Temple fact/fill-in-the-blank wheel¬†from Bible Fun For Kids

Available in both color and B/W. Scroll down the page to find the download.

Solomon's Dream.png

Solomon’s Dream craft from Auntie’s Bible Lessons

I made a version¬†with a larger bedcovering so that Wisdom doesn’t cover it up when it’s glued on.

Illustrate the newspaper clip from BibleWise